Both Caroline and Anthony are committed to using their resources and talents to help those in need around the world. Their commitment to social justice informs their work and their lives, and their philanthropic work has always been inextricably linked to their creative pursuits.


Caroline founded FilmAid International in 1999 and has watched the organization grow from her home office into a global federation of charitable organizations with offices in Nairobi, London, Hong Kong and New York.  Working in partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and other global aid organizations, FilmAid helps bring information and training to more than two million people worldwide. FilmAid has hosted screenings and produced and distributed community-based films on public health and safety issues in Kenya, Thailand, Haiti. and Jordan, as well as the United States.

Anthony Weintraub Consultancy

Anthony launched a media consultancy in 1995, aimed primarily at helping non-profit institutions more effectively communicate their messages to a wider audience. In this capacity he has made numerous promotional films, directed special events, and designed media outreach campaigns for non-profit organizations including Human Rights Watch, The Nature Conservancy, Healing The Divide, The Gere Foundation, and FilmAid International.